外国人の採用時にチェックすべきポイント(1) ビザの有無 など3項目 Points to be checked at the time of hiring foreigners (1) Visa and other three items


  1. 在留資格(ビザ)の有無

参考 外国人が日本で働ける在留資格とは?外国人求人のチェックポイント(3)What is the status of residence for foreigners to work in Japan? Checkpoint for Employment (3)

「留学」・「家族滞在」・「短期滞在」・「技術研修」・「文化活動」 の5種類は、原則として就労が認められない在留資格です。



Points to be checked at the time of hiring foreigners (1) Visa and other three items

After recruiting foreigners and accepting applications, what items should we check as an employer when recruiting personnel?
That is the following three points.

  1. Status of residence (Visa)
    The important point is the presence of the status of residence (visa) introduced earlier. When hiring foreigners, you need to have a status of residence without restrictions on the five types of work activities.
    Employers are also responsible for whether or not foreigners work outside the qualifications, and are charged with crimes. In order not to do so, be sure to check your residence status.


2,Existence of “limit of working hours”
The five types of study abroad, family stay, short-term stay, technical training and cultural activities are, in principle, status of residence in which employment is not permitted.
In addition, for “College Student” and “Family Stay”, it is possible to work if the Regional Immigration Bureau accepts permission for non-qualified activities.
In this case, the working hours can be up to 28 hours a week, and up to 8 hours a day during long-term leave of the educational institution where the foreigner is enrolled. Employers will be charged with the same charges as above if they are allowed to work beyond the work limit, so be careful.

3. Report to Hello Work

We will submit “Report on the status of employment of foreigners” to Hello Work when recruiting / retiring foreigners. This is a duty of all employers.
Please note that the employer will be fined up to ¥ 300,000 if the name of the foreign worker, status of residence, confirmation of the period of stay, and this notification are not received.

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