外国人が日本で働ける在留資格とは?外国人求人のチェックポイント(3)What is the status of residence for foreigners to work in Japan? Checkpoint for Employment (3)






There are five types of residence status that allows foreigners to work as workers without any restrictions on their work activities.

・ Permanent resident
・ spouse of Japanese
・ The spouse of Japanese permanent residents
・ Settled person
・ Working holiday visa

Japanese permanent residents and their spouses, Japanese spouses and settlers have no restrictions on their work activities.
If you are staying in Japan with a status of residence of “short-term stay”, you can work as a worker if you receive permission to change your status of residence from the regional immigration office.
Foreigners staying in Japan using a working holiday can also work as workers.

(Working Holiday is a system where you can learn the culture and language of the other country while staying in the other country between the two countries that have an agreement.
Working Holiday is a system that allows employees to engage in certain work in order to secure funds for staying in Japan. )

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